Mourning into Dancing

It’s typical to experience joy and happiness when everything in life is going great. When God answers the desire of your heart or your biggest prayer. When you’re out of a valley or He does answer that prayer, rejoicing and excitement will certainly come. But God wants to turn your mourning into dancing in the midst of your pain!

Psalm 30:11 says, “You turned my mourning into dancing”. Can I tell you something? God wants to do just that! He wants to turn your mourning into dancing! He wants to give you joy unspeakable, in the midst of your pain.

Don’t wait for the mountain top to start praising Him! True and honest worship comes from the valley. It comes during the times you don’t feel like praising Him, but you still choose to. Worship has a way of resetting our focus on what truly matters.

During this global pandemic, you have a choice. You can sit and mope around, be sad and angry with what is going on in the world around you. Or, you can change your perspective and ask God to change your mourning into dancing. Ask Him to give you everything you need during this season. Ask Him to show you what He wants you to do, how He wants you to grow, and how He wants to use you. Use this time to your advantage! Reach out to your friends and family, check in on them and see how they’re doing and if you can do anything for them. Spend extra time in prayer. Do fun projects with your kids. Take a walk with your spouse. Play outside with your dog. Use this time wisely and make lasting memories. I know this is hard. I know its affecting everyone and it’s tough on us all…but find purpose in it!  When we worship God in the midst of pain, when we choose to worship Him, when we find rest in Him…He will turn our mourning into dancing! There’s always a reason to be joyful. Jesus came, died for you, and rose from the dead so you could have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10b)! Life is a gift. Cherish each moment. Be the hands and feet of Jesus today. He can use you and He wants to use you…all you have to be is willing.

Having joy doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to feel pain or that you won’t feel pain. It’s okay to feel sad. But it does mean that you will have this inner joy that can’t be contained or stopped no matter what the circumstances around you may look like.  You may not know when your situation will change. You may not know when He will answer that big prayer. But you don’t have to know. That’s where faith comes in. Have faith and have hope that God knows what He’s doing and that THERE IS purpose behind this. God is moving. Are you listening?

Check out the song, “Graves into Gardens”, by Elevation Worship.

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