Season of Waiting

We’ve all been there, and maybe you’re in it now…the season of waiting. Whether that be waiting for a job promotion, waiting for “Mr. Right” or “Mrs. Right”, or waiting for God to open a new door. Waiting is one word, rough.

Who likes to wait? We live in a society that expects everything now. We’ve gotten used to having everything at our finger tips. If we must wait an extra few minutes in the drive-thru we get frustrated. If the check-out line at TJMaxx has more than a few people, we get antsy. It’s hard to wait for something you want. Waiting isn’t easy. But how we choose to react in the waiting, now that makes all the difference.

So, what should I do in my “season of waiting”?

1) Pray through it:

Do you desire to find a spouse? Then pray. Do you desire to find a job you enjoy? Then pray. Do you desire to be used by God in a new way? Then pray. God not only honors our prayers, but He wants to answer them (John 15:7, 1 John 5:14-15)! One of my favorite quotes states it like this, “Pray like it depends on God, Work like it depends on you.” If we only had this mindset about everything, how much easier our lives would be!

It’s easy to pray when you have “everything”. It’s easy to pray when life is going great. But in those moments of sorrow, loss, and confusion…it’s in those moments your prayer and faith grow!

2) Flourish in it:

Find the purpose for the season you’re in (1 Corinthians 15:58). Grow in this season. Enjoy this season. I promise you this, there IS a reason for this season. Ask God to reveal to you what His reasons are! Make the most of the season you are in.

Maybe your desire is to get the big promotion at work. But with that big promotion comes more responsibility, which could result in more stress. With more responsibility comes more time, which could result in less free time for yourself. So, enjoy the waiting period. Make the most of your time. Spend more time with your family. Spend more time serving at your local church.

There is a reason for the season you are in, even if you don’t understand it, God has a reason for it (Psalm 27:14).
He may be putting you on the shelf to prepare you for what’s ahead. He may be taking you through this season of waiting to save you from more heartache. He may be waiting to give you what you desire until you are truly ready for it. Flourish where you are. Give God honor in every way you can. Make the most of where you are now.

3) Trust God with it:

We may think we know what’s best for our lives, after all don’t we know ourselves the best? But that isn’t the slightest bit of truth. God knows us best because God made us! God had plans for us before we were even a thought in our parent’s mind (Jeremiah 1:5). Man, how incredible is that?! He loves us enough to plan out all the details of our life, big and small, before even one of them comes to pass. He knows what is best for us (Proverbs 16:1-4). He knows what we need. Trust Him with your life. Trust Him with the details…He knows what you need and when you need it (Isaiah 30:18). God doesn’t withhold any good thing from those who love Him (Psalm 84:11).

I hope this encourages you to make the most of where you are with what God has given you. Because when we are all in with what God has given us, no matter how small you may think your task is, it’s in those moments that we are truly exalting Him.

Need more encouragement for your season of waiting?

1) Check out the song “Take Courage” by Bethel artist Kristene DiMarco.
2) Read a few of many stories from the Bible of people who were in a “season of waiting”.
a. David: 1 Samuel 16 (anointed king) through 2 Samuel 2 (appointed king)
b. Noah: Genesis 6 (God gives Noah his great task) through Genesis 8

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